In this gallery you will find various works of art in different styles. The well-known pop art style that made Johan renowned. Learn more in 'Pop art' about the beautiful, merry, colourful works of art.

The artist has also produced some beautiful sculptures and these are available for you to give them a suitable location. Learn more about them in 'Sculptures'.

Since early 2018 Johan Huijzer is specialising in his beloved Contemporary style and on doing so put a whole new mark on his artistry. The combination of thick paint blobs and colours brushed directly from the tube and the jar result in a new style and show his clear signature. This has been noticed in the art world in a relatively short period of time and the attention is highly appreciative.

In 'Gifts' you will see works of art issued by the artist as nice art gifts, business gifts for companies or institutions etc. Affordable art is also available for private individuals.

Enjoy this gallery and dive into the world of my works of art, Johan Huijzer

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